How to eSign

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You have signed the eConsent Agreement, which means you agree to receive your loan disclosures via email. Follow these steps to access your documents and sign them electronically. We call this process eSign.

Important Information before Getting Started

  1. If you don’t see the loan disclosures in your email, be sure to check your ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ folders to make sure the email didn’t get filtered by your email service.

  2. Authorization Code = the last 4 digits of each borrower’s Social Security Number (i.e. 4444).

  3. Married borrowers with a joint email will have a shared login. They can eSign one after the other, but not at the same time. Once one borrower has completed the eSign session, they will be prompted to click a button to allow the co-borrower to go through and eSign their documents.

  4. If you encounter a blank screen after creating a user ID, you may be using an incompatible version of Internet Explorer. Try using Google Chrome to complete the eSign process (you can download it free here).


Accessing Your Loan Documents

  1. Once disclosures are sent, you will receive an email with the subject line: Initial Loan Disclosures on Behalf of Your Loan Officer.

    NOTE: Some documents cannot be completed electronically and will require your actual signature (we call these Wet Sign Disclosures). These documents will be located in the Print, Sign and Upload Documents section. After signing these disclosures, fax or upload them to the portal and notify your Loan Officer

  2. At the bottom of the email, select Click here to visit the website to access your disclosures.

  3. Enter your Email and the Password you created when you signed the eConsent Agreement, then click Login.

    NOTE: If you have already created a WebCenter account (i.e. if this is not your first loan with APM), you may need to click the Check Loan Status hyperlink to access your disclosures.

  4. Click Initial Loan Disclosures – On Behalf of Your Loan Officer.

  5. Click eSign next to your name to view and sign disclosures.

  6. Enter your Authorization Code, then click Next.

    IMPORTANT: Your Authorization Code is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (i.e. 4444).

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If you have trouble logging in, please stop after two failed attempts and call the support line listed in the email. If you get locked out after too many failed attempts, the ability to eSign is canceled and the disclosures must be converted to wet sign.


  1. Click Next to access your loan documents.

  2. Click Start to begin the eSign process.

  3. The blue arrows indicate where your eSignature is needed. Click the yellow highlighted boxes to eSign.

    The pages will automatically scroll to the next signature line.

  4. The first time you eSign, you will need to adopt a signature. Choose a pre-selected style, then click Adopt and Sign. This will only need to be completed once; once selected, this signature will be used for all subsequent signings.

  5. Navigate through each required signature. When you have reached the end and all disclosures have been eSigned, click Finish.

  6. If there is a co-borrower:

    1. Click Yes, Co-Borrower eSign to go back to the beginning and eSign the co-borrower documents.

    2. Once the co-borrower completes eSigning, the same message will appear again. Click No, Go Back to Loan Detail.

    3. Repeat the process for all loan documents.

  7. If there is not a co-borrower:

    1. Click No, Go Back to Loan Detail.

    2. Repeat the process for all loan documents.

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Technical Support

For technical support during the eSign process, contact Encompass Support:

  1. Phone: 855-407-9724

  2. Email: