Top 5 Reasons Selling Your Home Yourself is a Bad Idea

It’s not uncommon to think that selling a home is easy to do – especially with all the information readily available on the Internet about what to do and how to do just about anything these days. But having a real estate agent goes much deeper than saving a commission, and often can cost a seller thousands of dollars. Before you unknowingly jump into the process of selling your home, learn more about the disadvantages of for sale by owner so you're well informed about the process and can make the best decision.

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21 Creative Ways to Save for a Down Payment

How much do you have saved for a down payment on a home? For many would-be homebuyers, saving up enough funds to cover a down payment and closing costs often feels like a monumental task. Luckily, you may be able to purchase a home with far less money down than you thought.

A down payment for a home purchase generally ranges from 3% up to 20% of the price of the home, but there are first time home buyer loan programs available with zero down payment requirements, as well.

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10 Tips to Preparing for a Successful School Year

The summer days are still long and warm, but there are the tell-tale signs of the waning days… school has either just started or is getting ready to start for kids all across the country. The first day of school is a one some parents look forward to with relish, while others dread. It can be tough to transition back to a more regimented schedule for both parents and kids. Getting back in the groove of packing lunches, restarting carpools for after-school activities, meeting new teachers and sitting down each night to help with homework can be stressful. Here’s a list of 10 things you can do to be sure you and your child feel mentally prepared for the new school year ahead:

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