Is it smart to buy property for your college student?

Tuition, books, meals, housing… the cost of college adds up faster than it even seems possible. And many parents are left wondering if the idea of also buying a house for their student to live in on top of all those expenses is sheer insanity. But is it? Buying a property for your kid to use could actually have some benefits – and might not only save you some money along the way, but possibly even turn a profit.

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Are There VA Jumbo Loans? Yes - Here’s How They Can Help You

As Veterans and Servicemembers, you have worked hard for our country and when you’re ready to embark upon or continue your homeownership journey, American Pacific Mortgage is happy to be able to give back to you through our VA Loans. You don’t want to miss taking advantage of all the benefits these loans have for you! In addition to flexible and lenient qualifying guidelines, other benefits include 100% financing when qualified and no mortgage insurance requirements.

The 2019 loan limits for VA loans are the same as the FHFA limits. With these limits, you may be wondering what to do when you live in an area where home prices are higher or if the home you want is priced above the current limits. Are there VA jumbo loans? Yes, there are!

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APM Moves Up In Rankings

We are proud to share that American Pacific Mortgage has moved up to #12 in the Scotsman Guide Top Mortgage Lender rankings, up two spaces from last year!

While we’re now licensed in 32 states, we achieved this honor while being licensed in just 26 states, whereas nearly every other top 15 Lender was licensed in all 50 states. With pending licenses in 5 more states we’re growing strong.

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