3 things to keep in mind during a property inspection

A home inspection is stressful for both buyers and sellers. With so much on the line tensions often run high; however, it doesn’t have to end in heartbreak. By keeping realistic expectations and balancing your heart and head, you can make the most of the inspection process. The following three tips can help both buyers and sellers go into their home inspection with better peace of mind.

1.         Almost everything can be fixed

It’s important for both buyers and sellers to remember that almost anything can be fixed. “Everything is upgradable, fixable, or replaceable,” said Alan Singer of Sterling Home Inspections in Armonk, NY. “You just need to have a list of what those things are.”

While many buyers are concerned about big issues such as mold, radon, and asbestos, other problems such as ones with roofs, HVAC systems, and water heaters can be equally concerning. After the inspection, take the findings of the inspection into account when adjusting the contract. By not being afraid to make improvements, buyers can often get significant savings on the final sale price of a home.


2.         Temper your expectations

A home that was built 100 years ago is not going to be the same as new construction. Many buyers are shocked to learn that standards may differ based on the age of a home. Water in the basement, for example, is common in homes built with stone. Septic, plumbing, and electrical are just a few areas of a home that may differ based on age.


3.         Home inspectors cannot predict the future

“People think that we as inspectors have a crystal ball,” Singer says. “We can’t tell you how long it will last; we can just tell you if it’s in good shape.”

Home inspectors are highly trained professionals, it doesn’t mean they have x-ray vision or the ability to see the future. While they can give fairly accurate estimates at how long something may last, there is no precise formula to determine how many years a roof has left before it will need to be replaced.

There is no such thing as a perfect home, but the results of a home inspection can serve as a to-do list or starting point for negotiations so both buyers and sellers can benefit from it!




Rob Tennyson