Rob Tennyson is rated as one of the top mortgage lenders in California because of his low rates, excellent customer service and honest lending practices. Rob Tennyson is one of the local top mortgage lenders in California so he has a deeper understanding of each customer’s unique needs and circumstances.

Rob Tennyson is a Direct Lender
While most mortgage lenders in California are beholden to the major banks to acquire the funds necessary to fund their loans, Rob Tennyson is a direct lender. A direct lender lends its own capital which allows it to have the freedom to set its own lending criteria and interest rates. This sets Rob apart from many mortgage professionals in California because Rob and his team makes their own decisions.

Being a direct lender allows Rob to tailor loans that match each customer’s unique funding needs and originate loans for borrowers regardless of their credit history. In addition, direct mortgage lenders in California don’t have to pay brokers and middle men which allows him to pass the extra savings directly to its customers in the form of low interest rates and loan origination fees.

Rob Tennyson also ranks amongst the top mortgage lenders in California because of its streamlined process. Rob has developed a state-of-the-art loan process for approvals and funding that is faster than most other mortgage lenders in California. This streamlined process is especially advantageous for borrowers looking to refinance adjustable mortgage rates before they rise.

Refinance at a Lower Interest Rate
Rob Tennyson has become one of the leading mortgage lenders in California by saving its customers a substantial amount of capital by offering low interest rates. As a direct lender, Rob’s rates are more than competitive and can save borrowers thousands of dollars over the life of their loans. Homeowners interested in finding mortgage lenders in California that will refinance them at a lower rate should consider taking advantage of Rob’s low interest rates. Rob Tennyson is also one of the top mortgage lenders in California at creating home equity loans of credit for borrowers interested in debt consolidation or to open lines of credit for home improvements or medical bills.

Rob Tennyson – “Your Lender For Life"
As a local direct lender, Rob understands the needs of borrowers in California. He knows the real estate market better than most mortgage lenders in California and can help buyers come to the correct decision when choosing a loan product. Rob has helps hundreds of clients and has performed strongly regardless of market conditions by treating their customers with the professionalism and respect they deserve.